CMS Integration

At ARS Web Tech we provide one of the most cost effective and result oriented CMS integration services. A full-featured CMS or Content Management System offers you the option of making the basic updates on your website even if you do not have any technical knowledge of programming.

CMS Integration with your business publishing system will help you address a wide range of challenges that you face while using multiple systems. Some of the unique problems faced by companies are described below:

  • Contents that are stored in various systems can lead to redundancy and create new probabilities of errors because the users generally do not have the knowledge about the system which has the most updated version of a particular content or asset.
  • In case there is a need to obtain an asset from a different system they have to be transferred from one system to another which can at times lead to data loss.
  • Differences between various user interfaces can at times make reusing, searching, and sharing of contents & assets time-consuming.

Benefits of CMS integration:

Cost effective:One off integration and design fees sans any recurring fees

Security: Having administrator areas protected by passwords that can be accessed from any browser connected to internet

Accessibility:Offers you absolute control over the contents of your websites content whenever you need

Friendliness to search engines: Metatags module provides you the option of editing and maintaining each and every page of your website and that helps improving the quality of your website


The CMS Integration and development team that we have offer a wide variety of wide-ranging e-commerce solutions for various companies that need continuous online transaction processing like ordering, invoicing, fulfillment, & payments. We are equipped to develop integrated solutions that allow the customers of our clients to get exactly what they require in a expedient as well as secured mode. The core features of e-commerce that we are equipped to implement include:

  • User Management System
  • Language Manager
  • Contact Management System
  • Search
  • Content Management System
  • Menu Manager
  • Integrated Help and Sort System
  • Media Manager
  • Banner Advertisement Management
  • Polls
  • Web Link Management
  • Syndication and Newsfeed Management
  • Template Management
  • Powerful Extensibility
  • Immersive, navigation and intuitive presentation
  • Integrated taxes, order status system, and shipping
  • Creation of automated account and notification of e-mails

Please feel free to contact ARSWebTech today for any assistance on CMS integration.