Apps Integration

Application integration offers an end-2-end & real-time connectivity between various internal applications of e-business, web-based applications and different off-the-shelf software products. Apps integration offers the users the option of sending messages & files from one system to another, thereby transforming the messages & automating the process of business that a particular company may follow. The spot on benefits of apps integration is that the technique helps the businesses in automating & managing the end-2-end processes that may involve a seamless cooperation between human and machines.

Application Integration Services

To meet the present day requirements of e-business and for meeting the future requirements, there has to be faultless apps integration service in place that will result in a variety of integration solutions.

For the medium scale businesses ARS Web Tech carry out application integration through the application servers and various tools of system integration that give each and every application a unique contact point with the entire system, thus enabling the plug-& play addition & applications modifications.

The process of Apps integration that should ideally includes:

Functional Specification : An in-depth research on the business objectives of our clients, their product requirements and fabricate a thorough and detained description of all the required functionalities.

Evaluation of Product & Technology : Assessment various software products that are commercially available, the existing databases as well as various web-based systems so as to ascertain the most effectual technique of fulfilling the project requirements of the businesses.

Technical Specification: After determination of the functional specification it’s time to create the technical specification, which should describe in details the working process of the application .

Development: Taking into account the technical specification thus obtained method of application integration should be undertaken as per a specific schedule to meet the milestones and achieve the deliverables.

Project Management : A thorough management of the entire process should be done so as to ensure that the apps integration method followed succeeds in meeting the milestones of a business thus assuring all the deliverables are produced as per the schedule.

Implementation : After rigorous testing, the ultimate integrated app solution is launched. Even after the launch it is imperative that a close liaison is kept with the IT staff in order to ensure that the solution is successfully integrated with the business process.

At ARSWebTech, we follow the step by step procedure of successfu Apps integration to ensure that our clients get exactly what they need from us.